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Welcome to Wivenhoe Montessori

‘Learning the correct answers will get a child through school,but learning how to learn is a preparation for life’- Maria Montessori

Finding a place where you are happy to leave your child is one of the most important steps you take on their road to independence, and there are so many choices of pre-school for you to consider.

Here at Wivenhoe Montessori we recognise and respect this important decision.  We know that you need to trust us to provide a nurturing environment, rich in a broad range of experiences that will excite them and inspire a love of learning.  We believe in a holistic approach to development, considering that every aspect of your child requires support and encouragement to help them fulfill their potential.

The Montessori way is to learn through play.  Although a very scientific approach towards analysing the progress of a child, we structure our environment but never our children.  Our child-centred approach has become the foundation of many theorists who followed on since Montessori developed her practice and inspires modern day thinking in best practice.  Montessori and the EYFS work side by side bringing our professional approach into the mainframe for early years education in this country at the present time.

To support your decision to take a place here we would advise you to come for a visit.  Spend some time with us, consider if you like what you see both for your child and for yourself.  Look at the Montessori Schools Association website – for more information about the Montessori way of developing your child.

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